Green Diamonds

Natural green colored diamonds are extremely rare and desirable. The Dresden green is to green diamonds what the Hope diamond is to blue diamonds. It weighs 40.70 carats and it's a natural apple green inherent body color. The diamond derives its name from Dresden Castle where it was on display continuously from 1768 to 1942.

The large green diamond was brought and cut in London in 1726. In the early 1740's a Dutch merchant sold it to Frederick Augustus, King of Poland for a $150,000.

The GIA examined the stone in 1988. The Dresden green diamond proved to be not only of extraordinary quality but also a rare type-2A. The clarity determined by the GIA was VS1 and the gem has potential of being internally flawless. It's interesting to note the GIA grade of the symmetry (good) and the polish (very good). This is amazing for a diamond that was cut almost 300 years ago.

Most green diamonds are pale in color with light tones and those possess little value. The most desirable color grades are fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid greens.

Fancy vivid is the most desirable color grade and can sell up to 2 to 3 times the price of fancy intense.


The two main secondary colors or modifiers are yellow and blue. A blue secondary color may make the stone appear greener but might also show some grey. Yellow greens sell for discounts to blue greens and pure greens. When a lab puts grey or brown on a green diamond report the price drops amazingly.

Green colors are the hottest for the human brain to process and for the human eye to see.

The green color in natural diamonds is caused by natural radiation of the earth and probably uranium ore. Since radiation is the cause of color in both cases of natural and enhanced diamonds it poses an identification nightmare. Brown or green radiations stains on the surface usually indicate a natural green color.

A natural fancy intense green diamond can wholesale over a $100,000 a carat and a treated green is practically worthless.

Natural green diamonds remain very strong in price. These stones are so rare they are in few hands. A carat size fancy green can wholesale for $60,000 to $125,000 a carat. A carat size fancy intense green can wholesale from $125,000 to a $150,000 a carat.

Naturally, the green color appears when the diamond crystal comes into contact with some radioactivity, and the irradiation discolors the stone, causing a green stain.

--- Enhanced greens are made similarly; in labs they use irradiation techniques as well.

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