The Argyle Mine and Its Marketing Efforts

The discovery of the Argyle mine in Western Australia during the late 1970s marked another turning point in the availability of colored diamonds. Within a few years of coming on line in 1982, the mine became the largest volume producer of diamonds in the world

. A very high percentage of Argyle's production was in brown diamonds, which had never received much recognition in the marketplace. As the mine's production soared, however, Argyle set out to change that.

From the early '90s on, Argyle aimed its advertising at the large customer bases in the United States and Japan, created an alluring image for brown diamonds by connecting them with festive and sophisticated tastes. A key aspect of this campaign was associating the diamonds' broad range of brown colors with "champagne" and "cognac." Jewelry design contests featuring brown Argyle diamonds raised further awareness, and high-profile designers such as Michael Bondanza and Cornelis Hollander began using them in their creations. Prior to this, such extensive marketing efforts were typically limited to diamonds in the near-colorless range. Creating such positive associations for a product long ignored was a significant innovation, and its impact continues to be felt.

Additionally, Argyle acquired a certain cachet as the only mine that consistently produced small quantities of fine pink diamonds. Previously, the production of pinks had been sporadic at best, so these diamonds immediately seized the industry's attention. Like the browns, the Argyle pinks were marketed in innovative ways. Special annual "tenders" of the few top-quality pinks garnered considerable coverage in the trade press. Initially these auctions were held at a luxury hotel in Geneva, but in recent years they have traveled worldwide to accommodate the many potential buyers who want to view these diamonds prior to bidding on them. In addition to the pinks offered at tender, Argyle sold smaller ones directly to jewelry manufacturers and designers, who pave set them for maximum impact. This eventually stimulated a trend toward colored diamond pave work in general.

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