About us

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The Geohavens name is an assurance of timeless beauty, distinct quality and uncompromising value. The Company spares no effort in sourcing from the farthest markets and the deepest mines in order to unearth the most attractive gems.


Discovery is only the beginning. The newly mined roughs are delivered to the finest lapidarists, each a master of his craft. With finesse hard won from years of study and experience, the artisans perfect the cut and polish of the stone, and turn it from dusty rough to resplendent gemstone.


The next step is equally crucial. Aesthetics run deep in the veins of the Company, and design is a vital concern. Every setting must match the flawless refinement of the gemstone. Only jewellers of the highest esteem are invited to add their touch to the adornment. Naturally, the final product exudes pure and classic glamour.


The Geohavens patron is a person of distinct class. A gentleman of means, or a lady of grace. For persons of such taste, the Company performs the role of personal atelier. Matching your stature in every way, every piece is an embodiment of desire, and an heirloom for the ages.