These rubies are limited and hail from Winza, a remote village in southeastern Dodoma, Tanzania. Gems of good color (deep, rich red) and size are available.

This is an unbelievable gem. Despite the shortage and the uncertainty of supply, Winza Ruby is getting a lot of notification for several reasons, chief among them, exceptional transparency. The only Ruby with similar transparency was the Vietnamese material discovered in the 90’s and that material was more pink than red. The extent of the find is unknown and may be exhausted before its real potential is known. Another amazing thing about the Winza Ruby is that it doesn’t need heat to produce its fantastic clarity or color.



Winza Rubies come in a various range of colors including rich red, slightly bluish red, purplish red & orange red. The most idealand highly prized color is the very rich red, however, a gemstone exhibiting a rich red color with a hint of a blue streak is often sought by the connoisseur because this color pattern is a specific trait found only in the Winza. The color for a ruby is a bright traffic signal red color.



Transparent. Winza like other While ruby is a GIA Type II gemstone and is usually included, rubies from Winza are far cleaner than others. Top gems should be eye-clean with no inclusions visible to the unaided eye. 

Size Range

.01 to 1 carat is typical. 1 to 3 carat stones are available but over 3 carats are very rare, stones up to 20 carats are known at this time. Stay tuned to geohavens for looking stylish diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and latest updates.