Colored Diamonds are amongst the rarest diamonds and ideal individual tastes can appreciate mother nature’s unique colored diamond.

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds consist of various optimistic and spiritual features and healing properties, as well. The diamond is connected with Sahasrar, the 7th chakra, which unites your brain with the body. While a diamond is regarded as the strongest valuable stone, it is also considered as a stone of excellent power as it’s capable to reach us and open several spiritual doors.

This is possibly why these diamonds signify truth. They also represent excellence because of their indestructibility. These diamonds have been believe to develop the user’s life in several ways, specially by bringing clearness (perhaps connected to the precision of the stone itself) into the user’s life and mind. This simplicity presents apparent, optimistic resolutions to all problems in life.

Black diamonds are mostly found in Central Africa and Brazil but not in usual diamond mining locations. In fact, African countries are the most significant sources of the 600 tons of usual diamonds that have been generated over the last century. Most of the geologists have been challenged to give details why these black diamond sources are so out-of-the-way and separated from the usual diamond locations.

Black Diamonds have been believed to get better individual’s energy, surroundings, growth method, wealth, love life, conviction and staying power. This stone also attracts profusion, power, audacity, stamina, resourcefulness, thoughts, cleanliness, synchronization, faithfulness, and virtue, enlarged feelings of self-esteem and love, and relationships with full of love.

In fact, black diamonds are assumed to eliminate pessimistic spaces in oneself by means of purity of love. This stone will assist you to achieve your dreams and fate, as well. Overall, black diamonds are believed to convey peace, bringing helpful mental approach. These diamonds have also the control to stop pressure, emotional pain, fear, and defend the users from any harmful energies.

These stones have been believed to defend the user against thieves, water, fire, toxin, sickness and sorcery. Captivatingly, it is thought that the powers of this stone increases when used on your left hand or around your neck. It also helps to relieve several diseases, as well.  Moreover, Ancient Hindus believed that the vibrations of this diamond reinforced every organ of the body such as the brain and heart.

Black Diamonds are considered as primary and dominant minerals. Also, these diamonds are well-known as carbon diamonds, be obliged with their color to small inclusions and casual clustering throughout the mineral rather than draw elements like boron, nitrogen, and hydrogen that generate color in most diamonds.

The black diamond collections have an exclusive patina that seems to originate from pure darkness because this black diamond has a complete fascination of light. Black diamonds are typically solid, unlike most of the "fair" or other fancy or colored diamonds, which are translucent.

As an outcome, cut parameters are quite important with black diamonds since the radiance does not reproduce or refract which creates the brightness and fire in usual diamonds. Black diamonds still show the magnificent “adamantine” shine, which is almost distinctive to diamond due to its solidity and toughness that is attractive as a precious stone.

Blue Diamonds

Diamond Information

The blue diamond is a particularly rare to find. The pure blue stone will obtain the premier price because it is the rarest among all. In fact, high-end jewelers and public sale will carry these kinds of stones. If you are fortunate enough to run across one of these valuable stones, it will absolutely charge you a pretty penny!

Since, it is demand most greatly due to the vast supply of these blue diamonds, they can be difficult and luxurious to obtain, as well. If you are blessed enough to find this blue diamond, be ready to shell out the cash for it! They can be discovered in most auctions, which do not provide a consistent market price for these extraordinary diamonds.

The stone has been generated in South Africa and India and most of the color is derived from boron. A blue diamond is a physically occurring scarcity in gemstones. Traditionally, India has been the most producers of the blue diamond but nowadays, South Africa has taken over as top manufacturer of this rare diamond.

Blue diamond represents purity, which helps to bring our lives into a unified whole.  It conveys love and simplicity into partnerships, and bonding relationships, as well.  It is also a symbol of dedication and faithfulness, and instills faith to relationships as well as, situations. It eliminates emotional and mental trouble, eliminating fear and starting a new beginning.

Blue diamonds are used as a heart modifier. Typically, it usually places in a glass of water. The glass is missing during the night next to their bed and when the morning comes, the water will be sipped in numerous steps to relieve the heart. In general, diamonds have been well-known to stop cardiovascular illness, leukemia and skeletal issues.

They also stimulate the glands of the endocrine system, stabilize metabolism and improve the eyesight. They are also assisted to treat vertigo, glaucoma, and dizziness, fortify the metabolism and immune system, and fight various stomach aches. They can also assist to aid memory loss, bad despair, fervor, over fatigue, skin illness, and nightmares.

Blue diamond improves self-control and inspires the people to get better their physical condition, based on the Charms of Light. The color blue in a diamond provides serenity and creative expression, instilling optimism, commitment, and a sense of viewpoint. These diamonds heals the body, especially the ears, eyes, respiratory system, nose and throat.

Champagne Diamonds

Diamond Information:

Champagne diamonds are physically coloured diamonds that are formed in an extensive range of colours from bright straw to loaded cognac. The 4C's includes the cut; colour; carat; and clarity, which applies to these coloured diamonds. These diamonds have concentration of colour, which plays a greater part for their valuation.

In addition to, the following scale particularly for champagne diamonds. First, the diamonds are graded with C1-C7 colour degree. Moreover, C1 and C2 symbolize light champagne, while C3 and C4 for medium champagne, and C5 and C6 shady champagne. However, the fancy cognac diamond is graded as C7.

Almost 95% of champagne diamonds have been originated from Argyle Mine in Australia; however, the Argyle has quite short of these resources, which means that few champagne diamonds are available on the marketplace. As with anything unusual, this means that this colored diamond is actually increasing its actual value.

Champagne diamonds enhances negative energy and it is an excellent stone for blocking pressure, imparts audacity, invincibility and strength.  It motivates ingenuity and initiative, as well. It conveys simplicity of mind and treats enlightenment. These diamonds permits the soul light to stand out.  It treats spiritual development and keeps your soul’s aspirations.

Champagne diamonds is said to be powerful for healing glaucoma and improves sight, heals lightheadedness and vertigo, cleansing and detoxifying the whole body system by rebalancing the metabolism as well as, hence building endurance and power.  Diamonds were also believed to convey desirable quality, generosity as well as, calm the psychologically ill.

It was also believed that these diamonds could transport luck and victory, but also that they could defy the effects of astrological events. These minerals were consists of some famous medicinal ingredients. During the middle Ages, these diamonds can cure the sick person and make the body warm, as well.

Champagne diamonds are also referred as “brown diamonds” due to its sparkling brown shade. Their color is due to compositional irregularity during the crystal expansion. The colour ranges from radiant champagne color to a deep rich color. These diamonds were considered a low-priced diamond and were not even popular, as well.

Today, these diamonds become fashionable due to the fact that several well-known brands launched fine collections of beautiful jewelry using champagne diamonds. During the previous decade, champagne diamonds became high-in-demand as these diamonds are perfect choice for those individuals who are looking for fashionable yet, not too expensive jewelry.

Chocolate Diamonds

Diamond Information:

A chocolate diamond is also considered as a “brown diamond”, one of several kinds of colored diamonds. Though colored diamonds were once measured unattractive, chocolate diamonds became well-liked and are used by those individuals who’s looking for an option to usual white diamonds. Chocolate diamond jewelry is made up of an extensive range of styles and types.

It is available in either white or yellow gold settings. Most of the pieces of chocolate diamond jewelry feature white diamonds, as well. The difference between light and shady dazzling gems can look eye-catching. Chocolate or Turquoise are other remarkable additions to jewelry made with chocolate diamonds. Most chocolate diamonds originated from Australia.

The usual occurring brown color is considered to be produced by the earth's force in the earth. It inspires the power of growth, magnetizing the manifestation of wealth.  Chocolate diamond is also considered as an energy booster.  It is a stone that do not require recharging.  It also brings force and stamina to all energies as well as, enhances the control of other crystals.

Diamond chocolate cleanses out as well as, detoxifies all of the body’s systems, balancing the metabolism, and structuring the stamina, power and healing allergies and other chronic conditions.  It also relieves glaucoma and improves an eye sight.  These stones treat also faintness and lightheadedness, and help the brain, as well.

Another reason why chocolate diamonds are so admired because they are extraordinary compared with the collection of colorless diamonds. The ratio of these diamonds mined from the chocolate color, in several cases, is 1% or less. Thus, chocolate diamond jewelry is difficult to find in markets, unless, it is synthetic.

Cognac Diamonds

Diamond Information

Cognac diamond is a significant element of the Carbon family and it is recognized as the hardest substance. The word “Diamond” is originated from the Greek word "Adamas", which means "toughest metal" that usually reflects with the property of the stone. Cognac diamonds trade at 30% less than compared with the white diamonds.

A cognac diamond consists of a fine-looking setting in a range of metals. The shady tones of this diamond are severe compare with the 14K white gold, which makes it a preferred for a wedding ring or a magnificently sculpted ring. Designs with different facet details such as marquis or pear produced diamonds are enhanced with a depth color of a fine cognac diamond.

These diamonds are mined at the Argyle Mine located in Western Australia, which were formerly known as “brown diamonds.”As the hardest stone in earth, it is particularly regarded as it owes spectacular magnificence, clarity, and ability to reproduce light in a special way. Diamond conveys transparency, and helpful resolution of all problems that trouble us.

It is also helpful, especially after we have are eager to disclose our mistakes as well as, our approaches.As diamond brings back millions of years, it is easy to appreciate that they were useful in all different manners. It was thought that this diamond is used to improve not only physical complaints, but also to support the soul. Most of the healers believed that by making the symbol of the cross while keeping a diamond would heal sickness.

They also used these diamonds in most European countries. They were even believed that these diamonds provide liveliness, power, delight and long life. Since the cognac diamond is brown in color, it is often considered to be in low-value compared with other diamonds. It is also acknowledged as a regular colored-diamond and should be priced based on its color rating, cut, and carat mass of the stone.

So, before buying a cognac or other diamond stone, check first the quality of the stones. A watch is another ornaments piece that is attractive when designed with cognac diamonds. With some designs, the hour indicators are usually enclosed with cognac diamonds. Bands for watches could also be brown leather to mix with the diamond color, or they may be yellow or white with diamond enhancements.

Several other kinds of jewelry pieces can be found with the exquisiteness of cognac diamonds such as rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and many more. The magnificence of this natural stone is tough and long-lasting like the clear diamond. In fact, the incredible and brilliance of this diamond makes all the accessories a creative one.

Green Diamonds

Diamond Information

Green Diamond is a rare and naturally-occurring stone, which composes of carbon. Every carbon atom in a diamond is enclosed by four extra carbon atoms and associated to them by tough covalent bonds. This is easy, identical, tightly-bonded arrangement yields as one of the most robust substances known.

Moreover, it is a captivating mineral. It is chemically defiant and it is the toughest known natural substance. These attributes make it appropriate for use as a cutting device and for other uses where permanence is required. Diamond also has special optical properties such as a high index of refraction, high dispersion and high luster.

These aspects help the green diamond as the world’s most well-known stone. These diamonds are a bit of a mystery. They are consisted of known element such as carbon and because of that several people believe that they must have produced from the coal. A limited quantity of fancy green diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.

Green Diamond is considered rare. It makes as the individual’s treasures of their heart. In fact, it makes the individual a sexless being for both female and male qualities. The individuals make a devotee and beloved, as well. These diamonds are the healer of the person’s heart and make the individuals more even stronger against any pain.

Green diamond particles can be effective into the stomach once it is too fatal. It is also helpful for insanity, paralysis, epilepsy, premature, hernia, and weak ‘spot of mind. It also makes the body physically powerful and gives longevity. Lastly, it makes us more selfless as well as, thoughtful.

Green diamonds have always high diffusion. As the light passes through, this high diffusion makes that light to divide into its constituent colors. Diffusion is what capable a prism to divide white light into the colors of the scale. This feature of dispersion is what provides diamonds their multi-colored "fire".

Pink Diamonds

Diamond Information

The pink diamond is the earth’s most unusual and priceless diamond. The Argyle mine is also considered as the leading source of matchless deep pink diamonds, which generating 95% of the world's supply. However, an exceptionally small amount of Argyle Diamonds production is Pink colour, in fact, less than 1/10 of 1% is categorized as Pink.

The myth of Argyle pink diamond has extended over the past 10 years. During 1989, Christie's public sale in New York ranges from 3.14 carat Argyle pink trade for $1,510,000. Confidentially, Argyle has sold pink diamonds for up to $1 million per every carat. Refined pink diamonds are obtainable in the similar size ranges as conventional commercial sizes.

Argyle diamonds are considered to be Australian diamonds. They originated from the earth’s leading diamond producer. In fact, Argyle diamonds have compromise with some inimitable and outstanding qualities unlike with the untreated ones: they are actually tougher than the treated diamonds and have a capability to shine under ultra-violet radiation.

Moreover, their solidity results from the extraordinary atomic composition of Argyle diamonds. Also, their atoms are tie together in a more multifaceted arrangement compare with the treated diamonds. This composition is also one of the main reasons why it is a truly preference by most of the diamond collector.

Western Australia is domicile of one of the most exceptional and adored pink diamonds in the world. Pink diamonds frequently come from the same western Australian mine that are popular one. In fact, colors vary from subtle pinks are considered strong as well as, bright tones.

Pink diamonds plays a vital role in relationship and love in the earth. It also symbolizes happiness. This is because when individuals are happy; their faces often get pink and blushed. It is a lighthearted color that can also signify friendship too. It has been verified also to reduce snappy people and assist them to turn out their transition into more inactive yet, less violent moods.

Pink diamonds are brilliant for the heart chakra, particularly when there has been severe disturbance or suffering with this chakra. It also increases individual's capability to recognize and feel happiness in one's life, an inspiring and defensive stone. Also, it is use for artistic expression.

Pink Diamonds are used to draw out twenty times the quantity of a white diamond. When purchasing a pink diamond, it is significant to believe the “4Cs” as similar with white diamonds, except its color.

Red Diamonds

Diamond Information:

Red diamonds are considered rare. Only 20-30 specimens are well-known to subsist, most of them are one carat in weight. Possibly, the rarest diamond colour of all is the subtle red diamond. There are less than 20 famous specimens for red diamond. The primary red diamond to be discovered was the “1 carat 'Halphen Red” revealed during the 18th century.

In fact, the most prominent red diamond was referred as the Hancock Red, which was originated from Brazil, and weighed 0.95-carats. It was engrave into a round luminous named after its holder, Warren Hancock. It was sold at Christie's public sale house for a staggering $926,000 during 1987.

Red diamond is usually mined in Brazil, Australia, and South Africa. Red diamond is a well-known mineral, which strongly absorbs and increases thoughts of wearer. It also opens the crown chakra. In fact, it provides sacred love, serenity, simplicity, faith and confidence. In fact, no emotion can influence its untainted mental nature.

Red diamonds help to sanitize and clear endurance and deficiency came from the Root chakra. This is also considered as a grounding essence in order to help individual to get the individual keep motivated toward your goals. Another opinion about this Red Diamond is that is an attractor of good fortune.

It is also affluence and valuable for those people, or circumstances, and this because to its capability to clear early pre-verbal panics as well as, nervousness from the root chakra. This gem can provide some individuals with a blissful and comfortable life as well as, it will assist the user to get some concealed quality. Lastly, it will improve the sexual control of the wearer.

Yellow Diamonds

Diamond Information:

Yellow diamonds possess their colour with the existence of nitrogen impurities, which sop up the blue end of the colour spectrum. One of the largest and most priceless Yellow diamonds in the earth is so called the “Tiffany Diamond”, which discovered in Kimberly, South Africa since 1878. The rough stone scaled 287.42 carats, and was engraved into a 128.54 carat moderate cut with an approximated cost in the millions of dollars.

South Africa is the most significant source of these yellow diamonds on the market. Yellow Diamond increases and enhances one’s creativeness and perspicuity. It simply reflects the individual’s life that is capable to rejoice and take action with their life and its challenges. The user of this Yellow Diamond can remained focused, strong-minded as well as, tolerant as projects disclose.

Yellow Diamond imparts the capacity to stay with the bigger picture in mind without getting vanish the details, making anyone to be successful in all aspects of life. These stones greatly fortify the determination in anyone’s face in order to overcome any stress. By means also of this stone, the guts to follow with difficult decisions or options without turning down.

These stones are truly lingering, which you know what is bad and fine for you. In fact, most of the business success has been improved through the use of this stone. Yellow Diamond is a distinctive and highly in demand stone. It signifies the Sun and pure life, force and happiness as well as, love. Its golden light glows into our soul and body which remind us the reality of who we truly are: everlasting spirit and light.

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