Brown diamonds are priced primarily on their color – the more intense the color the pricier it will be, with deep dark brown diamonds worth more than fancy light diamonds.

The secondary color of modifier also has an impact on price with those exhibiting a red hue a fancy reddish brown diamond – attracting a high per carat price. Pinkish tones such as those seen in champagne diamonds also cost more than diamonds with other overtones

Like other fancy color diamonds fancy browns obtain their color via the absorption of light through structural defects and the crystal lattice.

Brown diamonds also tend to contain nitrogen. The amount of defects and nitrogen present will dictate the type of coloration – ranging from very light brown to dark brown (fancy cognac).

Cut also has an impact on price, with a round cut brown fancy diamond in general the most expensive. Other cuts include princess, oval, Marquise, pear, radiant, cushion and heart.

Brown diamonds with less fashionable secondary colors can be obtained at far less cost, and are a great way to start a fancy color diamond collection.

The gemstones look extremely pretty in earrings and make an unusual and eye-catching addition to an engagement ring or necklace.

Brown diamonds are found in various locations throughout the word, including the Argyle mined in Australia – in fact some of the best versions of chocolate color diamonds are found here.

Famous Brown Diamonds

The Golden Jubilee weighs in at 544.67 carats and is the largest faceted diamond in existence. This has been termed a fancy yellow brown diamond. The diamond was a gift in 1997 for the 50th anniversary of the reign of the King of Thailand. The gemstone was previously valued at $5-12 million

The Golden Pelican at 69.93 carats is another famous fancy brown diamond – champagne in color, this rectangular cut diamond was discovered in South Africa.

Fashioned into a ring the jewel was worn by Baron Corso de Palenzuela von Habsburg. The diamond is believed to have funded the release of Jews fleeing from persecution in Cuba.

The gemstone was auctioned at Christies in the 1970’s and reached a price of $3 million.

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