Orange diamonds make a great choice for stunning jewelry, as well as for an investment. The diamonds are believed to get their color from the presence of nitrogen – the amount dictating the hue of the gemstone.



They can be cut in any number of shapes, and in a large variety of colors – from those that are more citrus and refreshing to warm ambers. Orange is a mixture of the primary colors yellow and red and fancy orange diamonds range in color from orange reds, to yellow oranges.

Red, pink, orange, purple and yellow are the secondary colors commonly found in fancy orange diamonds. The difference between an orange diamond and one which is orangey is down to assessment in the laboratory.

When the color in the stone is between 25 and 50% orange it is termed a fancy orange diamond, if less than 25% then it is termed ‘orangey’. These fancy color diamonds are graded in line with the others, with seven grades of color.

Pure fancy vivid orange is also sometimes known as Pumpkin orange. They show off their brilliance well in a wide variety of cuts, from pear and oval to heart, cushion, Asscher, round and trillion.

Fancy orange diamonds, when worn, are certain to attract attention in jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

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