Natural jade jadeite and Nephrite can be purchased as raw mineral and in the shop as jewelry means buying jades. To start this chain jadeite is mined in Kachin state Myanmar, boulders extracted from dykes until now are up to around 10 to 20 meters length up to around 8 meters und around 5 meters thick. The boulder indicated here was around 10m to 20m below surface with a approximate weight of over 3000 tons.


That jadeite boulder is a blend of green, white and dark red veins. But the everyday extractions are usually not as big. After taking them out from the underground the raw pieces will be sorted and evaluated.

There are three categories, imperial jade,

which is the top quality mineral, high price jewelry is made from. The next quality is commercial jadeite, normally used for sculpturing and medium priced jewelry and the last is so called utility jade which is used for cheaper jewelry also sculpturing and other items.

The classified is relative to color, translucency, texture, size and clarity means inclusions and flaws. A additional selection is done in consideration of the color. At the mines have people who have got plenty experience in evaluation the green stone over years, the problem with evaluation is you cant look into the stone.

Natural Jade                    Gemstones Boulder

The mineral boulder

Might look pretty outside for a few centimeter and worst inside, imagine someone buying a rock for thousands of dollars and when back in the jade shop after cutting the mineral they find that out and thousands of dollars went down the drain, its a risky business. They overcome this partially when mines take boulders and have them cut one or two times before selling. Thats one of the biggest risk in raw jade trading.

Jade Mines in Kachin State

That’s the northernmost state of the union of Myanmar have rich and large deposits, although the Chinese frenzy is going on for another two-hundred years it would be served without problems. Because of new exploration techniques which can be imported in the future after the embargo is put on hold new dykes will be found, actually already now part of Kachin State are actual jadeite mountains and the deeper the mine is worked into the mountains of the north the more and better quality minerals will be found.

The geological reserves of gem class material are high and even at the surface and just below, were it  is easy to mine rich deposits are known. High quality deposits of natural stones with fine texture and great color are plenty, the only parameter which is rather hard to satisfy is translucency, that’s the stuff where it gets difficult and very expensive.

The low level commercial grade stones with still good colors, good luster and fine texture are even used for decorative purposes of homes and offices, better ones for decorative arts.


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