Jade is by far one of the oldest decorative gemstone with a real use and certain health properties, such as good for kidneys and overall health. You might ask yourself what has a stone to do with health, kidney etc.? they ground the stone and drank the outcome. There are two types one is jadeite, that’s the good thing and is rare, the other is nephrite and is abundant.

Quality, expensive and beautiful items are almost always made from jadeite and this stone is getting more valuable by the day since Chinese opened up, Chinese are the biggest buyers of the green stone, this has historical reasons.

Jade jadeite gemstone come in many different colors and is formed in geological subduction zones. This zones come up when two tectonic plates bang together.The plate that moves downwards moves minerals with and temperature plus pressure creates this stone. This happen in the past and the distribution is twofold, one is nephrite which is abundant and  available in many countries on the globe, the other is jadeite which is only available in Myanmar’s Kachin state, actually this is the better stuff in terms of colors, hardness, texture and transparency.

In the past Jade was crafted for spear hears, lance tops, axes and other things, in the last century it become  more and more a material for jewelry and ornamentation.

Nephrite comes

in several categories polar jade is from mines in northern Canada, bubble jade is shaped as the name indicates like grapes and vulcan jade is covered with a golden brown skin that seems to be currently only coming from US in California.

To create pieces of art and jewelry drilling is done, it’s quite difficult because the mineral is extremely hard, only a bit less than diamonds.

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