In addition to High Pressure/high temperature (HPHT) methods that transform common tinted diamonds into highly prized colorless and ‘Fancy Color’ diamonds.

We have many more synthetic gems running gamut from costly gems such as diamond, jades, ruby and sapphires, to inexpensive gemstone such as amethyst- many so good they are sometimes erroneously identified and sold as “natural”.

Pearl are being treated more frequently with dyes, surface, coating, irradiation, and silver nitrate, and many pearls are being harvested prematurely, resulting in such thin pearl coatings that the mother pearl peels off, leaving a worthless shell bead.

The part of stone can vary in proportion and thus affects its brilliance, beauty and desirability.

Girdle: The girdle is the edge or border of the stone that forms its perimeter, it is the edge formed where the top portion-its “dividing line.” This is the part usually grasped by the prongs of a setting.

Crown: The crown is also called the top of the stone; this is simply the upper portion of the stone: the part above the girdle.

Pavilion: The pavilion is the bottom portion of the stone: the part from the girdle to the “point” at the bottom.

Culet: The culet is the lowest part or point of the stone, it may be missing in some stones, which can indicate damage or, particularly with colored stone, and it may not be part of the original cut.

Table: The table is the flat top of the stone and is the stone’s largest facet, often called the face. The term table spread is used to describe the width of the table facet, often expressed as a percentage of the total width of the stone.

To cut of the Stone

The most important and least understood factor that must be evaluated when one considered any gem is the cutting. When we talk about cut, we are not referring to the shape but to the care and precision used in creating finished gems from the rough. There are many popular shapes for gemstones. Each shape affects the overall look of the stone, but if the stone is cut well its brilliance and value endure no matter what shape it is, For the average consumer, choosing a shape is simply a matter of personal taste. Some of the most popular shapes are as under:-