Black Diamonds

The black diamond was an astonishing discovery by Brazilian diamond hunters around the 1840's. Unlike a diamond that consists of a single crystal the black diamond is made up of several crystals which give the gemstone its dark color.

The origination of the black diamond dates back to about 3 billion years. Many scientists say that the black diamond is similar to the average diamond in because it consists of an earthly organic carbon. An interesting thing about the chemical analysis of black diamond shows that they resemble surface carbons unlike the diamonds mined from the earth. Since these rare black diamond are very scarce many scientist believe they could have originated from outer space. This brings along the question of do some diamonds come from outer space?

Famous Black Diamonds

• The most famous black diamond the Black Orloff also known as the "Eye of Brahma" a cushioned shaped black diamond weighed 67 carats.

• Another famous black diamond is the Amsterdam diamond weighing about 56 carats

• The black diamond of Bahia discovered in Brazil and while rough weighed about 350 carats
The black star of Africa is a black diamond that weighs in at about 202 carats being recognized as one of the largest colored stones in the world.

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