Types of Ruby


Ruby is the most valuable variety of the gem species corundum. A practical reason for ruby’s popularity is its hardness. At 9 on the Mohs scale, this makes ruby second only to diamond. Not only that, there are many more factors giving ruby’s reason to becoming one of the most important gems in colored stone market. Ruby is valued for its intense red color as well as a strong history.


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Ruby mining in Mozambique

Rubies from Montepuez, in northern Mozambique, have dominated the Thai market, the world’s major ruby trading center, since the discovery of this deposit in the spring of 2009. GIA has engaged in an extensive study of this material, culminating in October 2013 with the Bangkok laboratory’s most recent paper, “Rubies from the Montepuez Area.”

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Analysis of Beauty and Rarity of Mozambique Ruby


From today’s perspective, it would be impossible to overstate the significance of African rubies in the gemstone trade. East African ruby, specifically from Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar has recently dominated the market for several reasons that include lack of thermal enhancement, brilliancy, size and color. No other geographical region has successfully competed with Mozambique ruby with regard to quality and size. Rubies have been found in Mozambique since the Portuguese colonial era from 1498-1975, although producing nothing comparable to today’s quality ruby findings.



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Inclusions and identification characteristics of winza rubies


A completely new type of ruby material has been discovered in Tanzania in the area of “Winza“-Dodoma province. Map of new ruby mine locations in Tanzania are given below:-


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Colors, Appearance and Size of Winza Ruby

These rubies are limited and hail from Winza, a remote village in southeastern Dodoma, Tanzania. Gems of good color (deep, rich red) and size are available.

This is an unbelievable gem. Despite the shortage and the uncertainty of supply, Winza Ruby is getting a lot of notification for several reasons, chief among them, exceptional transparency. The only Ruby with similar transparency was the Vietnamese material discovered in the 90’s and that material was more pink than red. The extent of the find is unknown and may be exhausted before its real potential is known. Another amazing thing about the Winza Ruby is that it doesn’t need heat to produce its fantastic clarity or color.

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