Sources of Jadeite Jade

5. Sources of Jadeite

Known sources of jadeite world-wide are relatively limited. The most important sources are located in Burma, Guatemala, Japan, and Kazakhstan. Jadeite is found in certain metamorphic rocks that have undergone metamorphism at high pressure but at relatively low temperature. More particularly, it is found in nodular or long-shaped masses in serpentinite, usually in the form of weathered boulders and cobbles in stream deposits or glacial sediment. Harlow (1993: 13-14) outlines some of the other primary geological features associated with jadeite-bearing serpentinite.

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Jadeite (in Chinese)

在翡翠商贸中,翡翠A、B、C货的定义已取得共识:未经充填和加色处理的天然翡翠玉件称为A货。如经过充填(如充填高分子聚合物等)处理的称B货; B货的矿物成分是天然翡翠的成分,颜色是天然的,但充填的胶老化后会影响颜色的明亮鲜艳程度,影响透明度、光泽等。如经加色处理的称C货;C货的矿物成分 是天然翡翠的成分。如同时存在充填和加色处理的称B+C货。

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Reference sites for Jadeite-Jade

Reference sites for Jadeite-Jade



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Raman Spectra of Jadeite-Jade


长波无线电 :1km 短波无线电 1m

微波 :1mm 红外 :700— 100000 nm*
可见光波700nm---400nm 紫外光波 :400nm---10nm*

X 射线 :1nm r线 :10- 12 nm*

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Grading Jadeite

The criteria for evaluating jadeite have evolved largely within China. As Hughes, Galibert, et al (2000: 2) comment, "jade connoisseurship is almost strictly a Chinese phenomenon." In a section on the pricing and valuation of jadeite, the web site of the Department of Geology at the University of Texas (www.geo.utexas.edu) warns that it is "a difficult subject best left to a jade expert." Over the past couple of decades a number of authors writing in English have discussed the criteria for evaluating finished jadeite (see Healey and Yu 1983; Ng and Root 1984; Ho 1996; Newman 1998; Ou Yang 1999; and Hughes, Galibert, et al 2000: 17-20).

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