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Australian Sapphire (Australia)

Some of the finest Sapphires in the world herald from this sunburnt country.

Top quality Australian Sapphires exhibit brilliant cornflower blues usually associated with those from Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Sapphires have been mined in Australia for over 100 years.

The bulk of Australia's Sapphires come from three fields, the Anakie fields in Central Queensland Lava Plains in Northern Queensland, and the New England fields around Inverell in the north east of New South Wales.


During the 1980's Australia produced about 70% of the world's Sapphires and although production has decreased, the demand from the international market for Australian Sapphires remains very high.

Sapphires found in Australia originate from similar geographic conditions to those of Thailand and Cambodia, and are similar in property.

The bulk of Australia's commercially mined Blue Sapphires are sent offshore for routine processing and cutting, the larger percentage of which goes to Thailand.

Australia (Queensland: Anakie and Lava Plains districts; New South Wales: Glenn Innes and Inverell districts); discovered 1870, 1960 respectively.

  • Gem dirt (alluvium) at the surface, to 50 ft. thick atop weathered basalt.
  • Anakie noted for fine yellows, also some very fine blue but most has been characterized as "inky" (too dark) or strongly dichroic dark blue and green; some production of pink and orange as well.
  • Dark sapphires are bought by Thai dealers and others who lighten the color by heat treatment (see below).
  • Currently a major producer (50-70% of world production in 1990, according to one source).

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