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Colour (,se)

This is the most important factor in the quality of fashioned jadeite. As per standard colour nomenclature, jadeite's colors are best described by breaking them down into the three colour components: hue (position on the color wheel), saturation (intensity), and tone (lightness or darkness). Colour distribution must also be taken into account. The necklace in figure 23 is an excellent example of top-quality hue, saturation, tone, and colour distribution.


  • Hue (正,zheng): Top-quality jadeite is pure green. While its hue position is usually slightly more yellow than that of fine emerald and it never quite reaches the same intensity of color, the ideal for jadeite is a fine "emerald" green. No brown or gray modifiers should be present in the finished piece.
  • Saturation (浓,nong): This is by far the most important element of green and lavender jadeite colour. The finest colors appear intense from a distance (sometimes described as "penetrating"). Side-by-side comparisons are essential to judge saturation accurately. Generally, the more saturated the hue is, the more valuable the stone will be. A related factor is referred to as cui by the Chinese. Colours with fine cui are variously described as brilliant, sharp, bright, or hot. This is the quality that makes "shocking" pink shocking and "electric" blue electric.
  • Tone (鲜,xian): The ideal tone is medium – not too light or too dark.
  • Distribution ( 匀,jun): Ideally, colour should be completely even to the unaided eye, without spotting or veins. In lower qualities, fine root- or vein-like structures that contrast with the body color of the stone may be considered attractive. However, dull veins or roots are less desirable. Any form of mottling, dark irregular specks, or blotches that detract from the overall appearance of the stone will reduce the value.



  1. 艳绿:绿色纯、正、浓,但不带黑色调。
  2. 蓝绿:绿色中微带蓝色调,以宝石学观点称之为绿中微蓝。正因其绿中微蓝之色调使其看起充满冷静之神秘感,给人较"沉"的感觉。
  3. 翠绿:绿色鲜活,若生于玻璃地中,如绿水般摇晃欲滴,颜色较艳绿浅,为标准绿色之代表。
  4. 阳绿:绿色鲜阳,微带黄色调,也因其那份黄味,故绿色中带有亮丽之生命感。
  5. 淡绿:绿色较淡,不够鲜阳。
  6. 浊绿:颜色较淡绿色为深,但略带混浊感。
  7. 暗绿:色彩虽浓但较暗,不鲜阳,唯仍不失绿色调。
  8. 黑绿:绿色浓至带黑色调。
  9. 蓝色:色彩偏微蓝,微带绿色调,宝石学称之为蓝中微绿。
  10. 灰色:颜色不蓝、不绿、不黑,带灰色调。
  11. 黄色:大多数的黄色来自内皮,黄色调搭配的质地常为冬瓜地以上之玉种。
  12. 紫色:与翡红相对,生于雾者为翡红,生于玉肉者多为桩(紫色)分为淡紫、紫色、艳紫、蓝紫。
  13. 白色:此种颜色在硬玉中最常见,当它生于化地以上为无色,生于豆地以下则白色显现。
  14. 翡红:多出于内皮中,生于玉肉中者,多成丝状分布,亦有成片者,在裂缝中之红色为铁元素入侵结果。
  15. 黑色:无绿色调,呈墨黑色。
  16. 三彩:白地上有二色者叫"福禄" ,有三色者叫"福禄寿喜"

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