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The latest synthetic jadeite from American General Electric Corporation shows characteristic abosrption bands of 3373, 3 471 and 3614 cm-1 under the infrared spectrocopy, which is resulted from the hydroxyl stretching vibration in GE synthetic jadeite jade. it also shows a series of spectral peaks of 376, 700, 989, 1938 cm in a laser Raman spectroscopy.
In General Electric's patent application for the production of synthetic jadeite US20030031869

In the sample of GE synthetic Jadeite examined, the visible near Infra Red spectra, shown in Figure 2 showed what might be two possible, but not definitive, indicators of the GE synthetic jadeite, namely the LACK of a 437nm (Fe+++) absorption line, and a sloping down of the transmittance in the near InfraRed portion of the spectra. It might be noted that the lack of the 437nm absorption is consistent with GE data published in their patent and consistent with the apparent fact that no Iron is intentionally added to the GE product, but is inconsistent with GIA's published observation of a 437nm feature using a desk model spectroscope.

Figure 2

When Adamas Gemological Laboratory took a SAS2000 Raman/Photoluminescence spectra on the sample they found that the synthetic jadeite NaAlSi2O6) showed the identical "ruby" (Al2O3 +Cr) doublet previously found by Adamas Gemological Laboratory (and verified independently in Belgium) in synthetic near colourless diamond samples supplied from multiple sources ( seettp://www.adamasgem.org/raman.html).

In the HPHT process for synthetic jadeite production, as in some near colourless synthetic diamond, because all the elements (Al, Cr, O) are there for production of trace concentrations of "ruby", it is only expected that some traces of ruby would show up.

Figure 3 clearly shows the differences in the photoluminescence peaks of GE synthetic Jadeite versus natural material. Figure 4 shows the major ruby doublet peak at 693.7nm

Figure 3

Figure 4 

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