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Trading of jadeite
Trading of jadeite boulders can be divided into two systems i.e. official and unofficial. Official trading of jade boulders is through auctions carried out by the government of Myanmar. These auctions are held twice a year usually in March and October. Buyers are invited to this auction. Unofficial trading is through illegal smuggling of jade boulders from Myanmar to Thailand and China. These are sold through various open markets in the border towns like in Ruili, Southern Yunnan, China, or in Mae Sai, Northern Thailand. In the 60s’ to 70s’, many of the jade boulders were smuggled into Chiangmai, Thailand and sold to Hong Kong jade dealers eventually landing in Canton Street, Hong Kong. As the economy of China opens up, most of the jade boulders are smuggled to Ruili and on to Canton, China where jade is processed.

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