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Many foreigners are unaware of the history, beauty and the wonderful blending of the ancient and the modern in the island country of Singapore. The island is breathtaking, with its lush tropical surroundings and perfectly temperate climate. It is a place perfectly designed for a romantic encounter or get-away.


While in Singapore with that significant someone, what better time to pop the question or simply surprise with a breathtaking diamond that reflects the startling beauty of the island? Diamonds has a tremendous selection of engagement rings and diamond jewelry gifts that will make a Singapore experience even more wonderful.

Brain Gavin Diamonds is the most famous with a very wide array of diamond jewelry, and the master craftspeople to design any custom piece that you can imagine that rival the brilliance of the lights of Singapore.

Anywhere in the World, Diamond Jewelry is Always an Emotional Gift

Geohavens minerals understand the worldwide appeal of a truly beautiful diamond in a spectacular setting. Our modern society allows people all over the world to find the best of whatever is they seek via the Internet. When considering buying that Singapore engagement ring, special diamond jewelry piece or thinking about having a special design created particularly for yourself or the one you love, geohavens.com should be your first stop.

At geohavens you will find an assortment of custom rings, classic tiffany style engagement rings, fishtail pave engagement rings, antique halo engagement rings, channel set engagement rings, and full and half bezel engagement rings.

Custom Rings


Classic tiffany style engagement rings

Fishtail pave engagement rings

Antique halo engagement rings

Channel set engagement rings

Half bezel engagement rings

Stay tuned to geohavens for looking lovely diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and latest updates.


Who are we?

The Geohavens name is an assurance of timeless beauty, distinct quality and uncompromising value. The Company spares no effort in sourcing from the farthest markets and the deepest mines in order to unearth the most attractive gems.

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