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Jagdalek has produced rubies that rank with fine Mogok stones, but facetable material is in short supply. Similar to Vietnamese rubies, many of these stones contain small areas of blue color. They are also strongly fluorescent, and if the deposit ever produces clean material, watch out.

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Afghanistan also produces ruby. Some material is red but most are pink. Ruby mining is small scale and being near a war zone makes commercial development not feasible.


Natural Ruby, Crystal in Calcite, Afghanistan.

The ruby mining started in Afghanistan as early as 1870 when the permission was granted by the Amir.The good quality rubies are found in Jagdalak area in micaceous crystalline limestone identical to those found in Burma. The color of the rubies varies from deep red to purple and it is even common to find violet colored stones. Jagdalek rubies closely resemble the gems of Vietnam, Burma and Sri Lanka.The famous ruby mines of Badakshan are situated in Shignan near the Oxus River. They are found near a place called Gharan meaning "mine” which is somewhere between the upper course of the Oxus and its tributary Turt. Here rubies are found embedded in a magnesium limestone deposits.

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