Fancy Colored Orange Diamonds


The majority of orange diamonds come from Africa. The most famous Orange diamond is the Pumpkin Diamond. The stone was originally referred to as the 'Vivid Orange' but it was bought by Ronald Winston on the day before Halloween and consequently renamed 'The Pumpkin Diamond'. The Pumpkin is a diamond measuring 5.54 carats and rated in color as Fancy Vivid Orange. The Pumpkin diamond was cut and polished by William Goldberg. In South Africa it has been a common occurrence to see orange diamonds as jewelry and this is a custom that has only recently made its way into the rest of the world.


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Characteristics of Pink Diamonds


The word "diamond" itself evokes a wide range of images and emotions: exceptional, rare, precious, desirable, sparkling, mysterious, magical, eternal, unbreakable, gifts of love.

If you are planning on buying a diamond you are about to enter an enchanted world of romance, beauty, legend and history. At Mondial we believe it wise, not to let it become merely a commercial transaction. It is entirely appropriate that diamonds have become the ultimate gift of love, if for no other reason than their ancient and seemingly everlasting beauty. We think it is likewise entirely appropriate, that you should consider Mondial to help provide you with your special diamond, or guidance in creating that perfect piece of jewelry.


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Fancy Color Diamond Quality Factors


In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are the rarest. With fancy color diamonds—the ones outside the normal color range the rarest and most valuable colors are saturated pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even very slight color differences can have a big impact on value.

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Dresden Green Diamond


Origin of name

The Dresden Green diamond derives its name from Dresden, the capital city of Saxony in Germany. Frederick Augustus II (1733-63), the Duke and elector of Saxony (a prince with the right to participate in choosing the Holy Roman Emperor), bought the diamond at the Leipzig Fair in 1741. This rare and beautiful natural green diamond has ever since remained in  Dresden, except for a period after World War II when the Russians took the diamond to Moscow, with the other Crown Jewels, and later returned it in 1958.

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Fancy Colored Red Diamond


The rarest of all fancy color diamonds, red diamonds are considered particularly valuable. In fact, only a handful of naturally formed, vividly hued, high carat fancy color red diamonds have ever been unearthed. The more common forms of red diamonds are those tinged with secondary brown or pink hues.

Red diamonds are so rare that there is little gemological information about them. What is known is that crystal lattice defects showing stress lamination during the diamond's formation are the main cause of the red color. While there are some diamonds known as “purplish red”, or red with other color modifiers, a pure red diamond is seldom seen. If you are lucky enough to see a red diamond, you will notice that it does not resemble a ruby, garnet or other red gemstone in color. The coloring of a red diamond is somewhat sweeter. In some cases, diamonds that appear red to the eye are actually fancy deep or dark pinks.

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