Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamond color is a Fancy Colored Diamond’s most significant characteristic. In fact, unlike a colorless diamond where the 4C's (carat weight, clarity, color, and cut) are all equally important to the overall value, the color characteristic plays the most important role in the value of the diamond.

With white diamonds the absence of color is what makes the diamonds so precious. However, in the case of fancy colored diamonds, the presence of color and the intensity of how it shines is specifically what increase the value of the stones.

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Fancy Colored Black Diamonds


Diamonds with black as the primary dominant color are unique. Black diamonds, also known as carbon diamonds, owe their color to minute inclusions and random clustering throughout the stone rather than trace elements like nitrogen, boron and hydrogen that produce color in most diamonds. The black fine-grained diamond aggregate have a unique luster that seems to emanate from sheer darkness because a pure black diamond has almost complete absorption of light.

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Diamonds & Colored Gemstones

Colored gems have long been the favorite engagement gift for royal families. Four important diamond characteristics are known as the Four Cs: diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each quality is important on its own, but it's up to you to combine the four in different ways to find a diamond that suits your style, your needs and your budget.

Color Signs

Pick a color and intensity that match your fashion palette. Most stones occur in a range of shades, but fall in love with a color, not a gem. If a blue diamond is beyond your budget, there are at least seven different cerulean stones to consider, from a light, aquatic aquamarine to a deep blue sapphire. Pick the best gem for your budget and lifestyle. Extremely active brides-to-be will want to opt for the most durable gems, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and chrysoberyl. Listed below are stones by color.


Blue gems are said to represent jealousy in love, politeness, and vigilance; on a man they stand for wisdom and noble thoughts.


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Rare Blue diamond ' worth millions' discover in South African mine


A rare blue diamond was discovered in a mine in South Africa which could cost fortunes.


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The Kimberley Process


The Kimberley Process is an international forum joining governments, non-governmental and civil society organizations involved in the diamond industry. The Process was established in 2003 as a means for instituting a reliable trade system of ‘conflict-free’ rough diamonds. In other words, the Kimberley Process endeavored to develop a trade mechanism which would eradicate the funding of guerilla organizations, wars and illegal operations in some of the African diamond producing states. The Process began as a series of meetings among southern African state governments in the city of Kimberly in South Africa. These governments, including South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, joined an initiative aimed at tracking the traffic of rough diamonds worldwide.

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