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The purpose of this guide is to assist in the general public in picking out a great diamond. The target audience is intended for those aiming to purchase an engagement ring.

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Diamonds from Borneo

The Diamonds of Cempaka & Landak

During the height of the indian diamond trade in the 15th through 19th centuries, the diamonds from Landak, in Borneo (Kalimantan) were particularly prized for their brilliance and variety of colors.

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Diamond Grading 3: Cut Grading

17.3 Cut grading

What Are Design and Craftsmanship, and How Do They Affect the Estimation of a Standard Round Brilliant Diamond's Cut Grade? 

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Diamond Grading 2: Clarity Grading

17.2 Clarity grading

Diamond clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. A perfect stone with perfect clarity, or clearness, is rare, and most flaws that do exist in jewellery grade diamonds cannot be seen without looking at the gems through a jeweller's loupe.

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Diamond Grading 1: Colour Grading

17.1 Colour grading

Colour in the diamond trade usually refers to the amount of yellow in a stone, but can also indicate brown or gray and sometimes all three. The most treasured diamond colour is actually the "colourless" grade -- one without any colour at all.

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The Geohavens name is an assurance of timeless beauty, distinct quality and uncompromising value. The Company spares no effort in sourcing from the farthest markets and the deepest mines in order to unearth the most attractive gems.

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