Diamond Grading

17.1 Colour grading

Colour in the diamond trade usually refers to the amount of yellow in a stone, but can also indicate brown or gray and sometimes all three.

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Diamond Carat

Carat - The easiest of the five c's to understand. The "carat" is a measure of weight. The larger the diamond is the larger the carat weight figure will be.

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Cubic Zirconia and other diamond simulants

The history of cubic zirconia...

Cubic zirconia (CZ) was found in 1892; however, CZ was rare and hard to find, so for a long time, it wasn’t sought after and was considered to have little economic importance.

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Diamond Cuts

Cut Related Terms

Porportion - The best cut diamonds reflect light back to the eye evenly in the face-up position. Here no dark areas are visible.

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Diamond in Manufacture

16.8 Diamond in Manufacture
16.8.1 Methods of manufacture

When a rough diamond is determined to be suitable, it is carefully studied for every detail of its structure. It will then be marked and given a sharp blow with a special hammer to separate the stone into two carefully planned parts.

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