Mining and Recovery


16.7 Mining and Recovery
16.7.1 Main methods of modern mining
16.7.2 Open-pit and underground mining
16.7.3 Brief history of mining methods
16.7.4 Diamond pipe and alluvial diamond mining


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Diamond Treatments

16.6 Diamond Treatments
16.6.1 Examples and mechanisms of various types of production and alteration of body colour including irradiation and heat treatment.

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Colour in Diamonds

- Colour in Diamond
- Description of the importance of crystalline imperfection
- Diamond type

Knowledge of the various diamond types aids a gemmologist in the understanding of diamond synthesis and treatments.

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Properties of Diamond

16.4 Properties of Diamond
16.4.1 Relevant descriptions of the gemological properties and their practical exploitation
16.4.2 Dispersion and Fire
16.4.3 Reflectivity and Lustre

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The nature of Diamonds

16.3 The nature of Diamond
16.3.1 Structure of Diamond


Diamond is quite unique as it possesses qualities that make it easily stand out from other minerals. It is widely known that diamond is the hardest natural substance known having a Hardness Value of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale of 1-10. One(1) being the softest and ten(10) being the hardest.

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