Yellow Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Treated Coloured Diamonds

Because of the popularity of coloured diamonds, treated stones are an alternative to natural gems. High pressure, high temperature treatments can enhance the existing yellow tones of low quality diamonds, creating vivid shades and more desirable, intense colors suitable for yellow diamond engagement rings.

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The Argyle Mine

The Argyle Mine and Its Marketing Efforts

The discovery of the Argyle mine in Western Australia during the late 1970s marked another turning point in the availability of colored diamonds. Within a few years of coming on line in 1982, the mine became the largest volume producer of diamonds in the world

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Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds Red Diamonds are so rare and so expensive that there is hardly ever any talk of them; they are simply unavailable. More than a million dollars per carat, only about 20 stones have been certified as red.

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Pink Diamonds

The Australian Argyle Open Pit mining operation is scheduled to stop in the year 2007. A current review is being done about underground operations and feasibility and the costs of doing so.

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Who are we?

The Geohavens name is an assurance of timeless beauty, distinct quality and uncompromising value. The Company spares no effort in sourcing from the farthest markets and the deepest mines in order to unearth the most attractive gems.

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