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Mining in Kashmir

The jewel in India's crown lies at latitude 33° 25' 30"N and longitude 76° 23' 15"E.

The glory days of Kashmir sapphire subsided 100 years ago, shortly after the mines' discovery. Original accounts by Edward Streeter and Albert Ramsey are revered to this day as some of the greatest reports ever published.

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Sapphires from Montana, USA

Montana (Missouri River, NE of Helena, also Yogo Gulch, near Utica); discovered 1865, 1895. Also from Rock Creek in Granite Co.. Early and continued sources of much industrial-grade material. Also the source of considerable gem material (about $25 million from Yogo Gulch from 1895-1929).
Gold and sapphires in Missouri river gravels mined intermittently from 1865-present. Sapphires usually quite small, well-rounded or flat, and of a pale blue or blue-green color.

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Kashmir Sapphires

Kashmir, located in the heart of Asia, is surrounded by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China(Tibet). It's 86,000 square miles is strategic territory and boasts some of the world's greatest natural resources. In 1947, following India's independence from British colonial rule, Pakistan began to infiltrate the region until Kashmir's Maharaja requested India's military reinforcement. Today, 2/3 of Kashmir is occupied by India leaving the remainer to Pakistan.

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History and Introduction to Rubies and Sapphires

Sapphire is any gemstone-quality corundum that is not red. The red variety of corundum is also known as ruby. When colour is not specified, sapphire refers to the blue variety. Pink, yellow, green, white, and parti-colour (multi-coloured) sapphires are often valued less than the blue variety of the same quality and size. Yellow or orange corundum is known as “golden sapphire” in the trade.

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Sapphires from Madagascar

The  corundum in Madagascar exhibits two different aspects:            
1 stony and opaque crystals.
2  crystals of smaller size often transparent and usable as gem.

The gems are generally found in alluvium, but come either from basaltic slags, or from metamorphized marbles or endomorphous feldspatic rocks.

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