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Rubies from USA

USA also has some ruby mines. It is common to find corundum often sold as ruby which is of inferior quality. A small amount of better quality rubies are found at Cowee Creek in Macon County which is about five miles from Franklin. The Lucas Mine on Corundum Hill in Macon County produces transparent red corundum which is cut and passed off sometimes as a ruby.


Rubies from Thailand/Cambodia

The rubies found here are dark red in color with brownish tinge. Sometimes they resemble garnet. Some of the pieces are stunning almost as good as Burmese rubies but majority of the stones are dark in shade with inferior quality. The mines of Chantabun are located in the vicinity of the Gulf of Siam, and near the town of Chantabun. The area has grayish granite mountains with the limestone lowlands. It is held that the latter may be the mother-rock of the ruby.

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Rubies from Sri Lanka

The classic case of giving a dog a bad name. Some of the world's finest rubies have come from Sri Lanka's gem gravels, but because of the erroneous "pink sapphire" moniker, they have been largely overlooked. Top-grade Sri Lankan reds are virtually indistinguishable from their Mogok brethren, but most tend towards purple or pink. As with Sri Lanka sapphires, color accumulates in large stones and so they can be quite magnificent in sizes of five carats or more. Due to the bipyramidal shape of the rough, many stones are cut with overly deep pavilions. Sri Lankan ruby is strongly fluorescent and stars are common.


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Rubies from Songea, Tanzania

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, mines near Songea began to produce material with a dark, garnety color veering towards orange. While this material is ruby of a sort, it is marginal due to its high Fe content.

Songea, produces green, color change, and red sapphires (rubies). The Songea deposit is geologically unrelated to the other deposits.

Tanzania produces ruby that are orange to brownish, but some are bright red like the Burma gems.

Rubies from Niassa National Park, Mozambique

New rubies reported as “Mozambique” appeared in the market in Bangkok and Chanthaburi. It seems that this new material is coming from an area near the famous Niassa National Park in Northern Mozambique.

Rubies reported from the Niassa region in Mozambique are available in Bangkok and Chanthaburi as unheated stones, but also either as flux heated or lead glass filled material. Unlike the Winza stones it seems that the low quality Niassa material is suitable for heat treatment either using the flux or lead glass technologies depending on the quality of the rough.

They are often dark in tone but some stones were a very attractive bright red and clean. Compared to the Winza rubies (which are sometimes mixed with Niassa rubies) Niassa rubies are often less transparent; probably due to their silk inclusions. Blue color zoning, a common feature in Winza material, was not noticed in the current Niassa samples.

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