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Thai Sapphires

Kanchanaburi Sapphire (Thailand)

The sleepy province of Kanchanburi, renowned for the Bridge Over The River Kwai, rests amongst the jungle clad valleys of Western Thailand.

Kanchanaburi’s Bo Ploi Sapphire mines were discovered in 1919, and today remain one of world’s premier sources of Blue Sapphires.

The Sapphires of Bo Ploi are mined from alluvial deposits spread over 320 Hectares.

The miners of Bo Ploi must unearth over 50 tons of alluvial soil to extract just 1 Carat of Sapphire crystal.

It takes 400 Carats of rough crystal to yield just 140 Carats of Kanchanburi Sapphire.

Kanchanaburi Sapphires possess stunning colors and clarity, and frequently offer better value than Ceylonese, Madagascan or Pailin Sapphires.

Sapphires have been mined from the Bo Ploi mines in the last ten years and are approaching depletion. This increasing rarity makes these Sapphires a must for any Jewellery collection.


Sapphires from Pailin, Cambodia

Sapphires from Pailin, Cambodia

The Cambodian city of Pailin (the ancient Khmer word for “Blue Sapphire”) is steeped in local

folklore regarding its precious treasures: “Long ago when the men folk sharpened their spears to go out hunting, the Gods feared for the local wildlife. The Gods told the townsfolk to lay down their arms, explaining that if they promised not to hunt the beasts of the forests they would find something of far greater value in the streams and rivers. Sure enough, they found Sapphires in abundance.”

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Origin Determination of Rubies and Sapphires

Geographical origin determination of a gemstone does not indicate quality or value of the gemstone and should be regarded as an opinion proposed by the gemmological laboratory that identifies its origin. CIBJO regulations also have this philosophy as its basic principle. On the other hand, origin determination of a gemstone sometimes poses importance archeologically, and is one of information that jewellers are anxious for in their daily trades.

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Nigerian Sapphire

Nigerian Sapphire (Nigeria)

Nigeria plays a key role in supplying the world with some of the most popular gemstones. 
Nigerian Sapphire is mined at Nisama Jama'a in Nigeria’s Kaduna State.

Sapphires from Myanmar

Burma - Mogok stone tract.  Considered second only to Kashmir sapphire.

  • Believed to have originated in pegmatites and nepheline-corundum syenites (not in the marbles that contain ruby); mined from gem gravels.
  • Color is exceptionally even; commonly lacks color banding typical of Sri Lankan blue sapphire, which it otherwise closely resembles.  Rich   "intense" blues, verging on violet are considered the best, but lighter blues are more common. Purple, straw yellow and green are also found.

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