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Emeralds from Madagascar

Emeralds from Manajary (Kianjavato)

The Kianjavato emerald mines are located in the rain-forest region of eastern Madagascar, approximately 60 km west of the coastal city of Mananjary. The Kianjavato emerald mines sits just north of the town of Irondro, in the Vatovavy Region of Fianaranatsoa Province. Emerald deposits at Kianjavato are associated with pegmatite rock that are as much as 3 billion years old. Sapphire is also produced at the Kianjavato mines. Pan African Mining, Corp. of British Columbia (PAM Madagascar SARL) has optioned mining rights at the Kianjavato mines, with the intent of increasing production in the future.

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Emeralds from Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan

Emeralds from Afghanistan

colored by chromium. "It's the only emerald in the world formed similar to Colombian emerald," said Colgem's Israel Eliezri. "The age is about the same also. It's the youngest emerald in the world. All of the other [mines] are contact metamorphic zones, and are very, very old. The Colombian and Afghani [were] mainly caused by hydrothermal supply."

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Emeralds from Colombia

Emeralds from Colombia

Emeralds from Pakistan














Emeralds from Brazil

Brazilian Emerald

Brazil - Major producer. Salininha and Carnaibu Districts, Bahia; Santa Terezinha District, Goias; Nova Era and Itabira Districts, Minas Gerias.

  • Most in alluvial deposits, not veins
  • Majority of stones are too pale to be called emerald.
  • Chromophore is vanadium in some stones, not Cr as in most other emeralds.
  • Brazilian emeralds were once thought of as typically lighter-toned and much yellower compared to other sources. As for all generalities, there are many exceptions; Santa Terezinha has produced emeralds of exceptional color, though mostly of small size.

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