Pearl Quality Factors

This collection includes a palette of beautiful cultured pearls. Besides round golden white loose cultured pearls, there’s a strand of well-matched round whites and a strand of oval pastel colors.

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Freshwater pearl


A freshwater pearl is a pearl that is cultured in a mussel in a lake, whereas the traditional cultured pearl is cultured in an oyster in the ocean (salt water pearls are called Akoya pearls). Freshwater cultured pearls are less expensive than the Akoya pearls.

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Quality of Pearls


Pearls are unique among gemstones in that they are natural, organic products of living creatures, so they have different grading standards. Pearl Paradise uses the most recognized ranking system: A, AA, AA+, and AAA. Six factors determine the quality, value, and beauty of pearls: nacre, luster, surface, shape, color and size.

Type of Pearl

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Pearl characteristics


The value of a pearl is determined by its Lustre, Surface, Shape, color and Size.


Lustre is the most important factor in choosing pearls. The inner glow of the pearl combined with the surface brilliance defines lustre. The higher the lustre, the thicker the nacre or secretion from the oyster and the stronger the glow. Lower quality cultured pearls appear too white, dull or chalky. 

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Pearl Education


For centuries, pearls have been a symbol of beauty and purity. Today, they are regarded as both classic and contemporary, coming in many more fashionable styles than your mother’s traditional strand of pearls. Learning about types of pearls is important when adding items to your jewelry collection.

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