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Theoretical Gemology

Chemistry of Gem Materials


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Origins of Minerals

origins of minerals


Gems are found worldwide. When there is a sufficient quantity to be worked, it is termed a deposit. A deposit, as well as the location of discovery of a single find, is termed the gem occurrence.

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Introduction to Gemology

1       Scientific perspective

1.1     Definition of Gemmology


  • GIA #1
    • Derived from the Latin word “gemma” – gem & Greek word “logos” – discourse, word or speech
    • Spelt with one ‘m’ in USA & two ‘m’s in Britain
    • A branch of mineralogy
  • Read
    • It is a distinct science, concerned with the technical aspects of gems and gem materials
    • First gemstone book appeared as early as 1652
    • But only in the last half of the 19th century that the study of gemmology began to emerge as a specialized offshoot of an established branch of Science – Mineralogy

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Chemical Composition of Gem Materials

An introduction to crystal chemistry helps in understanding what gems are made of and how this affects the gemstone environments and associations. Most gemstones are minerals, that is inorganic crystal treasures found in natural world.

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